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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Honeymoon Trip Report, Day 1 - A Taste of Istanbul; Review of Grand Hyatt Istanbul.

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  • Grand Hyatt Istanbul
After escaping from the chaos of immigration control, we walk out of the terminal toward the bus stop area for the Havatas (pronounced "hah-vah-tash") airport bus operated by the local government.

Our hotel is near Taksim Square, and while my natural inclination was to use Istanbul's metro system (since I saw a Taksim station), I'm glad I found info on the Havatas bus, since it would drop us off just down the street from our hotel without having to make a transfer.

I was still hesitant about taking the bus, being on a foreign country where neither of us could speak the language nor could even figure out the root words, but fortunately we found most locals knew enough English and were very friendly.