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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Vienna

The Park Hyatt Vienna gets Kat's vote for best room on our trip, and it's tough to disagree. Overall, it was a great stay with great service from the staff. For whatever reason, a lot of people say the staff here are sometimes indifferent, but we didn't get any of that. In eBay speak: "A++ would stay again..."

The Location

The Park Hyatt Vienna is very centrally located in the city, along Am Hof Square inside the Vienna's First District, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The area is easily walked with several landmarks and high-end shopping in the Goldenes Quartier; the rest of the city sites are easily accessed via public transportation. 

The closest U-Bahn station is Herrengasse off the U3 line, a 5-7 minute walk. You could also walk to 7-10 minutes to Stephansplatz and use the station there, which is served by the U1 and U3 lines.
Am Hof Square

The Property

The Park Hyatt Vienna opened in June 2014 inside a 100+ year old building of a former bank headquarters, which lends to the bank theme and unusual architecture. The restaurant is called The Bank, the former executive suite was converted into meeting boardrooms overlooking Am Hof, and even the vault remains, serving as the hotel's indoor pool!

Checking In

The lobby area was small, but empty when we arrived. Checking in was efficient by the cheerful front desk staff, including the night manager, who welcomed us and told us that we had been upgraded to a suite for our one-night stay. Nice. They also proactively offered us 4pm checkout and indicated that breakfast would be taken in the restaurant.

The Room

Wow. Just wow. Usually rooms inside of restored buildings tend to run small, but the 3rd-floor suite to which we were assigned was huge by any standard. It turned out that we were upgraded to the Belle Epoque Suite, a one-off room in the gable of the building. And it was 914 square feet... :O

To give you a sense of how big our suite was:
We're the room highlighted in green.
Starting at the elegant foyer with an inlay design, the suite was set up with a circular flow starting with: an office area; a sleeping area; a lounging area; an outdoor patio off the living room; another outdoor lounge area off the bathroom; the cavernous bathroom itself (with double-walk-in rain shower, tub, vanity area, separated lavatory); a large closet area; and a hallway leading back to the foyer.
The foyer

Check out the marble/mother of pearl inlay work

Work area

Sleeping area.

Outdoor patio #1

Refreshment/entertainment area

Patio #2


Bathroom. See the patio area?

Soaking tub

Double shower with rain nozzle

We were also treated to some champagne, a fruit plate, and several bottles of mineral water (both still and fizzy). A fun fact about the water is that apparently in Vienna, the system uses glacier water from the Alps, so it's perfectly fine to drink. I had my fill while showering! Makes me wonder how many people unknowingly waste money on buying water.

The Breakfast

After a very good but pork-deprived experience at the Grand Hyatt Istanbul, I was looking forward to a full-fledged Austrian breakfast, and the Park Hyatt Vienna didn't disappoint.

The restaurant, appropriately named The Bank, is set in the main hall of the building, what was where the teller windows were located. It features an open kitchen design with a couple of main service areas. It claims to source ingredients from villages throughout Austria. We were seated promptly, and service was attentive throughout.

Breakfast was buffet style, with plenty of variety, whether you wanted to go light or have a hearty meal. And I got my fill of pork products!

Checking Out

Checkout was quick, though there was one slight billing issue of a charge that wasn't supposed to be there, but was removed without question. We had also left a couple items of clothing behind, and didn't realize it until we were already on the train back to the airport. We called and they found the items, agreeing to hold them at the front desk for our friend Craig to pick up for us. We asked if they could ship the items to our final hotel location in Europe, and to which they agreed as a courtesy service; we only had to pay the shipping costs, which was fair enough.

In Summary...

We would absolutely come back here again. We felt taken care of, and the location can't be beat. There were no complaints, and we loved the uniqueness of the property.

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