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Monday, January 26, 2015

79 Pilot Trainees in Limbo in California After Their Flight School Closes

Flight school owner disappears in October and leaves pilot trainees with no reaccommodation, after FAA suspended accreditation to Ahart Aviation of Livermore, CA. 

Image source: Yelp
Seven-nine pilot trainees from Vietnam are in a bind after their flight school shut down following the suspension of its FAA accreditation and the owner, Minh Duc Nguyen, disappeared.

Ahart Aviation in Livermore, CA, shuttered its doors in last October, much to the dismay of the students, who each paid at least US$80,000 in tuition to attend the school and earn certification as a commercial pilot.

Twenty-one of the students were sent by low-cost carrier Vietjet Air.

Vietnam's Minister of Transport has called on Vietnam Airlines (VNA) to assist the trainees. In response, VNA has offered to cover half the cost of tuition for the trainees to attend other flight schools, as well as help in job placement upon the trainees' return to Vietnam.

A review of Ahart's online ratings on Yelp shows that customer dissatisfaction immediately ensued following the Nguyen's acquisition of Ahart from the previous owner, Bill Komanetski, with allegations of catering only to foreign students and no notice to current patrons of the shutdown.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Minh Duc Nguyen is encouraged to contact the Alameda County (CA) District Attorney's Office at +1 (510) 272-6222,

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