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Friday, February 13, 2015

Korean Air Plane Clips Another in While Taxiing in Yangon, Takes Off Before Returning

A Korean Air Airbus A330-200, the same
aircraft type that was involved in the
collision incident in Yangon.
A Korean Air Lines (KE) plane clipped a Bangkok Airways (PG) aircraft while taxiing away from its gate for a Thursday night departure from Yangon, Myanmar (RGN) to Seoul, South Korea (ICN). 

There were no injuries reported among the 134 passengers and 11 crew on board.

The wingtip of the KE Airbus A330 made contact with the parked PG plane as it passed by. The pilots were not aware of the contact due to darkness, and no alarms were triggered in the flight deck. With no fault indications, the flight crew continued their departure rollout and took off.

However, ground personnel did see the collision and reported the occurrence to the control tower. The pilots were advised of the situation after about approximately 20 minutes in the air and they chose to return to Yangon.

Passengers were rebooked onto a flight the next afternoon.

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